This week we read stories revolving around Fall. Our first tale is about a boy on a quest to find a red small house with no windows, no doors, and a star inside-can he do it? Find out by reading the story here @ http://bit.ly/cywUkL !Gerald and Piggie learn the sun does not always need to be out for them to have fun in the renactment of, “Are You Ready to Play Outside?” by Mo Willems. Ruby shows her brother Max the wonders of Fall  in, “Ruby’s Falling Leaves” by Rosemary Wells.

We got our wiggles out by singing, “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes” & “Two Little Blackbirds(one w/Jack & Jill, the other Fast and Slow)”

To celebrate the arrival of Fall, today being the first official day, we traced our forearm and hands on a piece of paper to create a tree. Then we dipped our fingertips in ink/paint to create lovely fall leaves. For more fun crafts check out http://familyfun.go.com/crafts/holiday-seasonal-crafts/fall-crafts/. See you October 5 & 6 for our next Stories & Craft!


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