Colors of Toddler Time

Toddler Time was bursting with color as we read about all the colors of the rainbow! Dog starts his day with a black spot on his ear, but as the day progresses Dog has more spots than he knows what to do in, “Dog’s Colorful Day: a messy story about colors and counting” by Emma Dodd. Emma Dodd is a great author for toddlers; kids count along as the brightly colored spots find there way onto Dog and reinforce learning colors.

In “Mouse Paint” by Ellen Walsh three white mice discover jars of red, blue, and yellow paint and explore the world of color. I love that this book teaches primary and secondary colors to even the youngest reader. After reading this I like to do a color “magic trick” anyone at home can do! Here’s what you will need:

–         6 empty glasses/bottles

–         Red, Blue & Yellow food coloring

–         Water

Fill 3 glasses/bottles half-way with water.

Next add red food coloring to one glass/bottle; repeat with blue and yellow coloring (you should now have one red, one blue, and one yellow cup of water).

You can now demonstrate how if you mix red and yellow it makes orange. Continue with red/yellow=orange, blue/yellow=green, and red/blue=purple.

Want to have more fun with color? Visit to learn and play with a young Leonardo Da Vinci!


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