It’s a Zoo!

Toddlers went wild this week as we read stories about the zoo!

Amos McGee is a kind old man who works at the zoo, making sure to play chess with the elephant, run races with the tortoise (who never loses), and reads to the owl at night. One day Amos awakes with a cold and cannot go to work, so the animals hop on a bus and bring the zoo to him. “A Sick Day for Amos McGee” by Philip Stead was  this year’s 2011 Caldecott Winner for outstanding illustrations using woodblock prints and fine pencil.

“I wrote to the Zoo to send me a pet. They sent me a…” this is how the flap-tastic book, “Dear Zoo” by Rod Campbell begins. Kids love opening the flaps to reveal the many zany animals the zoo sends.

We also created our own Dear Zoo by drawing an animal on a half sheet of paper then gluing one side of a quarter sheet to the half sheet, thereby creating a flap over the animal.

What animal are you? We put our thinking caps on to match which riddle matched the animal on the felt board. You can visit to put your animal know how to the test with fun games and puzzles!

We did the January Songs, which can be found under the “Toddler Time” category.


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