Be You!

Being you is the best thing to do! “I Like Myself” by Karen Beaumont is about a girl who , even when others try to bring her down, expresses just how happy she is to be herself. The illustrations by David Catrow are silly, yet have a reinforcing message about being true to yourself-snouts, spikes and all!

His mum’s a spoon. His dad’s a fork. “Spork” by Kyo Maclear is about a one of a kind utensil who just doesn’t seem to fit into the world of the cutlery drawer, and this is his “multi-cutlery” tale, a humorous commentary on individuality and tolerance, that capture the experience and emotions of all who have ever wondered about their place in the world. 

We demonstrated how special everyone is by making a one of a kind fingerprint picture-no two fingerprints are the same!

Remember to visit the February Toddler Time Songs post to see this month’s songs!


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