Getting Dressed

The first time toddlers get dressed all by themselves there is such a feeling of great accomplishment. What better way to celebrate this milestone then by reading some clothes-rrific tales! In “I am invited to a Party!” by Mo Willems, Piggie asks Gerald to accompany her to a party. Gerald, who “knows parties”, escalates their attire for every circumstance, even a fancy-pool-costume party!

Does your little one like to make his/her own fashion statement? If so they’d appreciate the 2004 Caldecott Honor Book, “Ella Sarah Gets Dressed”, by Margaret Chodos-Irvine. Ella Sarah awakes one morning with the perfect outfit in mind while the rest of her family tries to convince her otherwise. The books refrain engages toddlers as they want to find out if Ella Sarah gets to wear the perfect outfit.

“Waiter there’s a letter in my soup!” We made an alphabet soup craft, courtesy of Sesame Street.  Kids can take this soup with them anywhere and point to what letter certain objects start with.  For this craft and other alphabet fun, visit Sesame Street at


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