“Mine!” “No!” these are the words I dreaded my daughter learning, but knew they would come (and having a two year old, boy did they!). Books are a great teaching tool for kids on sharing. Removed from the equation they can see the actions and reactions of characters as they decide whether to share or not and the outcome.

 In “Martha Doesn’t Share,” by Samantha Berger, Martha discovers a new favorite word-Mine!  When Martha does not want to share with anyone by declaring, “mine!” she learns the consequences of not sharing.

“Banana” by Ed Vere is about two monkeys, one banana and their pursuit of happiness by eating said banana. You can see the light bulb go on in children’s minds as they see the two monkeys share and be happy about it. The illustrations are simple and brightly done and sure to get kids attention. After reading the story kids got to practice sharing by passing a banana to their neighbor.

This month we have been focusing on the alphabet, so naturally we went on a scavenger hunt for letters! After finding them we sang the alphabet with each kid showing off which letter they found.

Empathy is a great tool for teaching kids about sharing. For more toddler sharing tips and information check out-

Look for more picture books about sharing @

 “What’s mine is yours

What’s yours is mine

The more you share the more the sun’ll shine”

-Charlie, “All Dogs Go to Heaven”


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