Mmmm Cookies…

Last week in Toddler Time we read stories about cookies and the creatures who love them!  Different farm animals like to eat different things; horse likes hay, chicken likes chicken feed, but cow loves to eat cookies! Find out why cow loves cookies so much in, “The Cow Loves Cookies” by Karma Wilson. “Mr. Cookie Baker” by Monica Wellington, gives us a behind the scenes look at a bakery and what goes into to making delicious cookies. At the end of the book are cookie recipes readers can make themselves.

Our concept of the month has been shapes. Storyteller Anne Pellowski uses shapes to create unfolding stories. One retelling is a traditional Japanese story we did in Toddler Time and can be read here- . Did you know shapes our everywhere, even in food?! Using a paper bag we drew different foods and guessed their shapes.

Sadly, there is no oven in the storytime room, so for our craft we used our imaginations to make paper cookies!


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