La, la, la, la! This week was a very musical Toddler Time with stories based on musical pieces or a beat you could groove to, with special guest Mr. Dan! Author Chris Raschka created a book based on the jazz musician John Coltrane’s song, “Giant Steps.” Raschka illustrates four elements which we assigned a particular instrument to each element, raindrops-egg shakers, a box-activity sticks, snowflakes-bells and a kitten-colored scarves, then performed our own rendition of “Giant Steps.” It was music to our ears!

We then put on our scavenger hats and went on a scavenger hunt for shapes around the storytime room while listening to the actual recording of John Coltrane’s “Giant Steps.” After collecting the shapes we counted how many butterflies, trains, dinosaurs, and fishes we found.  Handing out the activity sticks we created the sound of the swamp animals for the book, “Swamp Song” by Helen Ketteman.

Did you know-one of the reasons we sing songs in storytime, besides it being so fun, is it ties into early literacy? For example, singing songs reveals the sounds within a word which is a skill known as Phonological Awareness. Phonological Awareness is one of the six building blocks researchers for reading and writing when entering school.

Music can be created and found anywhere-no professional instruments/singers required! Here is a great craft where little ones can make their own kazoo-! All you need is:

–          Paper roll tube

–          Wax paper

–          Scissors

–          Rubber bands

–          Crayons, stickers, anything else for decoration

Cut a 6 inch circle from wax paper and place over one end of the tube. Secure wax paper with rubber band. Decorate as you wish. To use make loud tooting sounds into the open end of the tube.


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