Digital Storytime

Using the Greater Phoenix Digital Library, which features audiobooks, eFlicks, eBooks and music-, I presented a digital Toddler Time this week! Our first story was, “There was an Old Monkey who swallowed a Frog” by Jennifer Ward where we used Adobe Digital Editions which presents the book in a pdf-like format. Readers can decide whether the page fits the screen or has two pages, as if you were holding the book in your lap. In “There was an Old Monkey who swallowed a Frog” old monkey eats everything in the jungle from a frog to a tapir. The illustrations for this book make the story extra silly as the monkey begins to grow from all he has eaten.

Another type of digital book is an eFlick where illustrations from a book are slightly animated with narration, making the story come alive! We watched the eFlick for the book, “Bear Snores On” by Karma Wilson, with the author doing the narrations! Using the digital library was easy to download items and use -I recommend giving it a try!

After the digital stories we made clocks out of paper plates to reinforce our numbers! You can make one too by visiting

Next week is our last week of Toddler Time; we will resume storytime in the Fall.


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