Welcome Back Toddler Time!

Storytimes started up this week, with Mr. Tony (aka Mr. T) helping Miss Sarah rock Toddler Time with his musical storytime skills! We could be more fitting than to kick off our first Toddler Time of the season by reading books about libraries!

Lola and her mom visit their library to return and check out books, listen to storytime and enjoy a special treat in, “Lola at the Library” by Anna McQuinn. Kids will relate to Lola’s routine as she gets ready to go to the library and all the fun she experiences there. Lola also stars in another book, “Lola loves stories.”

Frogs, hens, and snakes-oh my! With the help of some friendly puppets Mr. T told us a story about the time he took his animals to the library in Eric Kimmel’s, “I took my frog to the library.” We revised the story to reflect our library and the animals who like to visit.

Every month we have the same set of songs, so the kids, as well as grownups become familiar with them. Our songs for this month are Old MacDonald, Row, row, row your boat and Two Little Blackbirds. See Toddler Time September Songs for the lyrics!

Miss Sarah likes to get crafty; especially when recycling is in the mix. By using salvaged parts of discarded board books we created one-of-a-kind books this week.

For this craft you need: 

– 5 pages worth of discarded board books

–          1 binder ring

–          Cropadile/ single hole punch

–          Box cutter

–          Optional

  • embellishments (scraps of fabric, stickers, etc)
  • hot glue gun

Grownups, use a box cutter to cut out salvageable pages from damaged board book(s). Have child select 5 pages from salvaged board book pages. Use cropadile/hole punch at the corner of each page-not too close to the edge as to prevent tearing. Line up hole punches on the pages and insert a binder ring. Kids can then embellish the book. Grownups can even use a hot glue gun to secure pieces of fabric scraps to create a sensory page for kids. Congratulations crafters, you are now the proud owner of a one-of-a-kind book!


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