Fall is here! (almost)

The official start of fall begins September 23, so to prepare for its arrival we read about what happens during fall this week. Living in Queen Creek Arizona, fall is not very prominent, so reading/seeing images of fall from other parts of the country are great teaching opportunities for kids!

Mr. T read, “Fall is not easy” by Marty Kelley, an account by a tree as to why fall is the hardest season. This is one of my favorite fall books! The story goes through all the seasons with tidbits about each while having silly and colorful surprises in the colors the leaves of fall take.

Before taking a long winter’s nap some animals collect food during fall. In “Busy Little Squirrel” by Nancy Tafuri, squirrel is so busy collecting food for winter he does not have time to play with the other animals. Tafuri’s illustrations are classic and the wordage is just the right length for toddlers; a great go-to toddler author.

Every month we focus on a particular concept for toddlers. This month’s concept is the alphabet, so Mr. T with his trusty guitar led us through the “Alphabet Song”. The toddlers did a fantastic job, even when we sang the song as fast as we could! Next week we will be reading books about bugs!


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