Storytellers Choice

This week Mr. T and I shared some of our favorite picture books. I am a huge fan of the Olivia books by Ian Falconer, so my book choice was “Olivia and the Missing Toy.” After her best toy suddenly disappears, everyone is a suspect and it is up to Olivia to solve the case. The Olivia books are humorous and a joy to read for both kids and adults.

Mr. T got the kids up and moving with the silly story, “Is everyone ready for fun?” by Jan Thomas. Chicken invites a group of cows over only to find out their idea of fun is jumping, dancing, and wiggling on his couch-what’s a chicken to do? Read and find out!

Shapes were hidden in the story room, so everyone put their explorer hats on for a shapes scavenger hunt! When everyone found a shape we came back to the carpet and sang this song to the tune of “Here we go round the mulberry bush:”

If you have a blue square,

A blue square, a blue square

If you have a blue square, please stand up!

Substituting the color and shape in the song our explorers found blue squares, red circles, and yellow triangles. Way to go explorers!

Be sure to check out Ian Falconer’s Olivia page at and Jan Thomas website  at for fun activities.

Next week we will be reading about pumpkins-see you there!


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