It came from IKEA! A scary story for parents

I decided to tell a scary story for parents in Babytime today to celebrate the season. Here it goes:

“Lets go to IKEA.” My family decided to take a trek out to IKEA. Lunch and naptime were looming ahead, but we figured we’d be in and out fast- 30 minutes top. Besides, I had restocked the diaper bag with some snacks before we left. What could possibly go wrong?

We were halfway through the store when I noticed it. Sniff-sniff. “Do you smell that?” “Smell what?” replied my husband. Around this time my daughter started to wiggle and fuss in my arms. “Its o.k. honey, we’re almost done and we have puffs in the car, won’t that be nummy?” We quickened our pace, sensing a meltdown if we didn’t get to those puffs pronto.

Again I was struck by a potent smell. Sniff-sniff. “What is that smell?!”  Looking around for the source I was met by a face beaming up at me with the sudden realization; my bundle of joy had just made a bundle of joy.  “Honey, can you get the diaper bag out of the car?” That’s when it happened. “What, I thought you brought the diaper bag?!” We were stuck at IKEA with no diapers, no snacks and a fussy, poopy child! Nooooo!!!

See, wasn’t that scary?! Happy Halloween everyone!


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