Toddlers are at a stage where they are becoming more aware of how they feel and learning to identify those feelings. Showing them it’s o.k. to feel happy, mad, or sad, when expressed in an appropriate manner, can be a difficult concept for them to learn. This week we focused on feeling grumpy and ways to feel better. “Grumpy Bird” by Jeremy Tankard is about Bird who wakes up feeling so grumpy he doesn’t want to eat, play or fly. Luckily his animal friends know just what Bird needs to turn his frown upside down… friends and a bit of walking. 

“Mouse was Mad” by Linda Urban is about a mouse who is trying to find a way to express his anger. He tries hopping like the hare, stomping like bear, screaming like bobcat and rolling like hedgehog only to discover being still and breathing is the best way to shake his bad mood.

This month’s concept is colors, so Mr. T shared the fabulous, interactive story of, “Scat the Cat.”

Once there was a little black cat. He was a magic cat because he could change his colors ~ (snap fingers) ~ just like that. All he had to say was:

CHORUS:     I’m Scat the Cat. I’m sassy and fat.
                      And I can change my colors ~ (snap) ~ just like that!

       One day Scat decided he was tired of being black. He wanted to be a new color so he said: CHORUS.  And he changed blue! Scat went down to the pond to look at himself in the water. Unfortunately, he fell in, and he couldn’t swim. Timmy Turtle came along and helped Scat get back on shore.

       Scat decided he didn’t want to be blue anymore, so he said: CHORUS.And he changed red. He went walking down the street, and everybody started laughing at him. “Whoever heard of a red cat!” they said.

       Scat decided he didn’t want to be red anymore, so he said: CHORUS.  And he changed yellow. Scat went walking in the woods, and who did he run into but his cousin Leo the lion. “Grrrrrr!” roared Leo. “I’m the only cat who can be yellow.”

       Scat decided he better not be yellow any more, and he quickly said: CHORUS. Scat wanted to play with his brothers and sisters in the grass. He tried to play with them, but he was green like the grass, and they couldn’t see him.

       Scat decided he didn’t want to be blue, or red, or yellow, or green, so he said: CHORUS. Scat knew that being himself was the best thing to be. And do you know what? Being yourself is the best thing you can be, too. Because there’s nobody else exactly like you. And I like you just the way you are!

For directions on how to make your own “Scat the Cat” check out

Janan Cain has two great books on emotions, “The Way I Feel” and “The Way I Act” along with a lesson plan that works with kids ages 2+. We created “I’m feeling…” pictures from this lesson plan which the kids enjoyed. You can find this lesson plan here.


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