Space & Robots

We travelled to outer space this week in Toddler Time. A pig imagines what it would be like to be an astronaut in “Astronaut Piggy Wiggy” by Christyan and Diane Fox. From being properly outfitted to making repairs on a spaceship piggy is ready to travel through space and make friends with aliens, as long as he’s home in time for breakfast.

Jon Scieszka is an author who can make parents and kids laugh. In Scieszka’s most recent book, “Robot Zot!” is on a mission to conquer earth, but did not expect to find love and battle kitchen appliances in the process. David Shannon also does a fantastic job with the book’s illustrations.

Kids colored their own robot coloring sheet-you can make your own too by visiting


Pizza! Pizza!

We celebrated National Pizza Month by reading about pizza and even made our own shape pizzas! “Pizza at Sally’s” by Monica Wellington is about a pizzeria owner who makes pizza using tomatoes, dough, cheese and vegetables for her all her hungry customers. Monica Wellington is a great informational author for toddlers; at the end of the book there is a recipe for readers to make their own yummy pizza! You can find that recipe by visiting-

What do you say when pizza is delivered to your home? In “Hi, Pizza Man!” by Virginia Walter, a young girl she wonders what to say when her pizza is delivered and who will deliver it-a pizza man, kitty, or dinosaur? We kept kids guessing as the animals and silliness of the story got bigger and bigger.

The Toddler Songs for October are “I Know a Chicken” by the Laurie Berkner Band, We Shake Our Eggs Together, and BINGO. The lyrics can be found in the ‘October Toddler Time Song’ post.

After reading all these stories about pizza Mr. T and I were hungry, so we made a felt pizza with the kids help. This month’s concept is shapes, so we explored the various shapes that can be found on a pizza (ex: circle-pepperoni, triangles-peppers, and squares-pineapple. Kids then got a chance to make their own shape pizzas with foam shapes, crayons and paper circles.

REMINDER: There will be no Toddler or Preschool Storytime next week, October 11 & 12. Instead we will be celebrating Fall Break with two special programs! On Tuesday Oct.11 from 10:30-11:30am we will have fun make and take crafts for ages 6 and under. On Wednesday Oct. 12 the Queen Creek Fire Department will be here for a special fire safety storytime. The event starts at 10:15am in the Zane Grey Room; tickets will be handed out at 10am.  We will resume Toddle Time October 18 & 19.