Shoes & Socks

We rocked stories about shoes and socks last week in Toddler Time. “Pete the Cat: I love my white shoes” by Eric Litwin tells the tale of Pete the cat, a kitty who keeps his cool even when his new shoes go from white to brown as messes follow him wherever he goes. This book has a positive message and a lyrical beat that had toddlers snapping their fingers as Pete sang “it’s all good.” Check out fun Pete the Cat activities at ! Kids who have a favorite outfit will be able to relate to chicken’s excitement in Bob Shea’s, “New Socks;” a story about a chicken who loves his new orange socks. Kids then got to make their own paper socks that double as a stocking!

Last week was our regularly scheduled Toddler Time. December 6 and 7 we will be having a Holiday Palooza Storytime Mashup with Miss Karrie from Preschool Storytime. You can find out more information by visiting . We will resume Toddler Time in January! Have a safe and happy holiday!


Thankful for Thanksgiving

Last week we read stories about what we are thankful/happy for to gear up for the holiday season. In “Thanks for Thanksgiving” by Julie Markes children think of all the people and things they are thankful for in their lives. Interchanging the word thankful for happy (and vice versa) is a great way to expand toddlers vocabulary and make the term thankful more relevant to them. As a little girl helps her mom prepare for Thanksgiving Day she says thank you to all the things around her in David Milgrims, “Thank you, Thanksgiving.”

A great Thanksgiving story we did not get to do this year, but highly recommend is, “One Little, Two Little, Three Little Pilgrims” by B.G. Hennessy. Not only does this book have counting, it touches on the historical events of Thanksgiving featuring the Wampanoag’s and pilgrims.

 We rhymed with colorful turkeys as the kids showed off purple, yellow and green turkeys. Wednesday we had a special story telling guest, Miss Tara from the Perry library, who brought a turkey friend to help us sing “I know a turkey.”  Taking a page from the stories we read kids got to draw and write what they are thankful/ happy for on a die cut shape and pin it onto our storytime cornucopia-see below.  Happy Thanksgiving!

Space & Robots

We travelled to outer space this week in Toddler Time. A pig imagines what it would be like to be an astronaut in “Astronaut Piggy Wiggy” by Christyan and Diane Fox. From being properly outfitted to making repairs on a spaceship piggy is ready to travel through space and make friends with aliens, as long as he’s home in time for breakfast.

Jon Scieszka is an author who can make parents and kids laugh. In Scieszka’s most recent book, “Robot Zot!” is on a mission to conquer earth, but did not expect to find love and battle kitchen appliances in the process. David Shannon also does a fantastic job with the book’s illustrations.

Kids colored their own robot coloring sheet-you can make your own too by visiting


With Halloween just around the corner we read some fun spooky books filled with pumpkins, ghosts, and a doghouse this week! Our first story was “It’s Pumpkin Time!” by Zoe Hall; a great informative picture book explaining how a pumpkin grows from a seed in the ground to the orange pumpkin we know and love.

Finding a Halloween picture book that isn’t too spooky for toddlers can be a challenge, so I was happy to happen across this book. A little witch tames ghosts in her house by washing them and using them as curtains and blankets in the “Ghosts in the House” by Kazuno Kohara. The illustrations are rendered in orange, black and white, giving it an old school Halloween book styling. A great resource for finding not too scary picture books can be found here-

This is the second week Jan Thomas has struck Toddlertime! Cow and friends are playing when their ball goes into “The Doghouse;” unfortunately anyone who enters the doghouse does not come back again. Playing this book up as super spooky was great since it has such a silly non-spooky ending.

We explored emotions with pumpkin faces which can be viewed at

The kids helped us come up with ways we can feel happy, surprised, mad and sad; along with the facial expressions that accompany these emotions.

To celebrate fall we had three pumpkin crafts. Kids could make their own emotion pumpkin by using a pumpkin shape cutout, crayons, glue stick and popsicle sticks. Using black construction paper and chalk kids could also make their favorite fall shape like an autumn leaf, pumpkin or ghost. The last craft is a great sensory and color concept project. Using a snack baggie we mixed yellow and red paint together to create the color orange. We then took a black sharpie and, under grownup supervision, the kids or Mr. T and I made a pumpkin shape on the bag (see below).